Lime is the oldest material in construction industry. It has been used for many years by Victorians, Georgians, Edwardians and even Tudors. They have used lime to mix in mortar (as lime mortar or lime render), because it is breathable, flexible and provides extra durability to the mortar mixture.  HB Plastering recommends using lime render on lime mortar properties. Never use sand and cement render on lime mortar buildings. Using lime render is a healthy option for buildings because it is natural, proven and tested for many years. 

Lime render is also water repellant. For example, to tackle raising damp on lime mortar properties, HB Plastering uses tanking techniques from inside but lime render from outside of the property. Our experience shows that to prevent raising damp on external walls, it is not sufficient to use lime render from inside. Lime render should be used outside coupled with tanking technique from inside to provide a more sustainable damp-proof solution. 

HB says: “Do not use sand and cement render for your house; instead use lime render for better breathability and flexibility”.