Insulated render with external wall insulation systems (EWI). Insulated render systems most suitable for houses without cavity walls; or, houses with cavity walls, but there is no or insufficient insulation in the cavity. 

Why do people need to use insulated render for EWI? For many reasons: 1) to stop condensation in your house and black mould, 2) to reduce your energy bills, 3) keep your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. 

Insulated render is also breathable as well as flexible. So many different companies produce insulated render systems. Thickness of the insulation render system changes from building to building depending on u-value calculation. 

Finish coating of the insulated render system comes in 2 different finishes: silicone and acrylic. Both can be used for insulated render. The benefit with insulated render is that it comes in various colours, saving you from painting again.  HB Plastering recommends using silicone finish because it is easier to clean. Acrylic can absorb algae for instance, but silicone is more resistant to algae and can sustain its colour and look for many years.  

HB says: “Use insulated render in your property to get rid of mould, condensation and keep your house warm”.